Генрих XIV  князь Реусс

Генрих XIV

Князь Реусс

Heinrich XIV, Prince Reuss Younger Line (German: Heinrich XIV Fürst Reuß jüngere Linie; 28 May 1832 – 29 March 1913) was Prince Reuss Younger Line from 1867 to 1913.

Heinrich XIV was born at Coburg, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, sixth child of Heinrich LXVII, Prince Reuss Younger Line (1789–1867), (son of Heinrich LXII, Prince Reuss Younger Line, and Princess Caroline of Hohenlohe-Kirchberg) and his wife, Princess Adelheid Reuss of Ebersdorf (1800–1880), (daughter of Heinrich LI, Prince Reuss of Ebersdorf and Countess Luise of Hoym).

At the death of his father on 11 July 1867 he inherited the throne of the Principality.
He became regent of Reuss Elder Line from 1902, because of a physical and mental disability of Prince Heinrich XXIV due to an accident in his childhood, at his death, his son continued the regency Prince Heinrich XXVII until the abolition of the German monarchies in 1918.
In 1869 he founded the Reussian Prince Cross of Honour. (de:Reußisches Ehrenkreuz) and in 1897 he donated a Golden Medal of Distinguish Service (de:Goldenen Verdienstmedaille).


Генрих XIV 20 Марок 1881 Реусс, золото

Генрих XIV 20 Марок 1881 Реусс, золото 900' 7,9г - 16000 EUR
Номер по Краузе: German States / Reuss-Schleiz Y# 143
Номер по Kurt Jaeger: # 256


Генрих XIV 2 Марки 1884 Реусс, серебро

Генрих XIV 2 Марки 1884 Реусс, серебро 900' 11,11г - 990 EUR
Номер по Краузе: German States / Reuss-Schleiz Y# 141 
Номер по Kurt Jaeger: # 120















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